About us

Picture by Abner Fernandese

Picture by Abner Fernandese

The interior design arm of Essajees, a 106-year-old company, Essajees Atelier was established in 2014 by Sarah as an independent design practice founded on the legacy and ethos of the Essajees brand. Up there among Mumbai’s best, Essajees deals with art, antiques, and collectibles apart from custom-made flooring and high-end furniture. Some of the clients that Essajees services include the Reliance Group, Taj Hotels around India, the GVK family, Gautam Singhania and the Birla family amongst many others. 

Sarah completed her undergraduate degree in Art History from Duke University in the US and Oxford University in the UK where she graduated in the top 10% of her class. She was part of the prestigious women’s leadership scholarship at Duke called the Baldwin Scholars which hand-picked women who showed strong signs of promise as leaders in all fields. She also studied finance at Stern University in New York and worked as a financial news anchor for Bloomberg News for a year.

Having garnered experience in high-end furniture manufacturing and production during a five-year stint with Essajees, Sarah realised that interior design was her calling after which she went on to complete a two-year degree on the subject from Rachna Sansad. She completed the course as the top-ranked among a batch of 110 students, with a First Class First Distinction among many other accolades for projects through the duration of the degree. 

Keen on learning the nuances and finest details on interior design, Sarah traveled to Los Angeles where she spent time at Erika Brunson Couture Living. In LA she worked on putting up a furniture pop up at La Cienega Boulevard for Legends Week where Erika Brunson was displaying her creations and also worked on sourcing special fabrics for on-going projects in Bel-Air. 

She has also worked as an art consultant for private clients with the gallery Lansdowne House, putting together extensive portfolios of contemporary Indian art for homes and offices in India and abroad. A stint with Saffron Art gave Sarah the chance to work with a team in putting together a compilation of the best paintings of legendary artist, SH Raza.  

Closer to home, Sarah’s projects include multiple health care centres and working on the private homes of celebrated nutritionist, Anjali Mukerjee. She has also worked on homes at holiday destinations such as Alibaug, Goa, Pawna and Lonavala besides setting up a wine bar and fine dining restaurant. Currently, Sarah is working on various projects such as restaurants, homes, gyms, offices, retail stores and holiday homes apart from primary residences. 

Her projects have covered the entire gamut of interior designing, right from styling bachelor-specific apartments to taking on projects of houses with no walls, plumbing or ceiling – setting up spaces from scratch, literally. 

Essajees Atelier is a small team of very dedicated professionals who ensure that every project is overseen with detail, care and utmost personal attention. Since its inception four years ago, Essajees Atelier has successfully completed 30 residential and commercial projects. Essajees Atelier was awarded the Best Interior Design award at WadE Asia, a women powered design awards ceremony that celebrates women designers. She also was awarded Pool Magazine’s Best Design Award for her project 266 The Wine Room and Bar.

Furniture, design and floor spaces aside, Sarah is a fitness enthusiast and hits the gym at every given chance. She is also a pet-parent to a dog and a cat, between whom she juggles her time at home. 

Scope Of Work

1. Complete start to finish process for a project starting from a shell with all services and planning

2. Using the current interior walls and doing a project within those and modifying that the best maximise space

3. Architectural conceptualisation from start to finish on an empty plot of land including all permissions and all agencies 

4. Interior styling on a space where the civil work is complete